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Our commercial edging projects include:

  • Adding curbs to new or existing sidewalks/paths.

  • Parking lot curbing, islands, and medians.

  • Continuous and segmented landscape edging for any space.

  • Pathway and parking lot edging for schools, golf courses, businesses, etc.

  • Any application you can think of. Our installation is highly flexible to fit your needs!

When Appearances Matter — Better Border Edging

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The way your business looks can tell potential clients/customers a great deal about how you operate. A shabby exterior can convey a message that you don’t care about your business’s well-being, and that is not a message you want to send. Whether you are responsible for a retail shop, a school, a golf course, or any other commercial space, looks really are important, and that starts with your space’s exterior — the first thing any newcomer will see.

Here at Border Magic of Lake and Orange Counties, we offer a huge array of options for curbing and landscape border edging to help create the right blend of beautiful and durable, no matter what your need. This can include things like adding curbing and islands to an existing parking lot structure, or adding new borders to shape your space’s landscaping. Basically, if your space needs edging, we probably have the right solution for your needs. And, what’s more, not only can we provide curbing and border edging for a wide range of different commercial properties, but we also provide you with a wealth of different appearance options. Choose different stain colors and patterns. The colors and designs are both imbued into the edging so you don’t need to worry about things like fading over time. Our edging and curbing is made to continue looking great for years to come. And, with a multitude of patterns that range from brick patterns to a rock-like appearance, it’s easy to find the right edging options to complement your property.

Making Maintenance and Upkeep Easier

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On top of the visual boost, our border edging and curbing options are designed to help with overall upkeep of your property. On a basic level, landscape border edging is helpful because it keeps rocks and mulch where it belongs, rather than spilling over borders onto the grass or sidewalk. That means less time has to be spent on raking rocks back into place or replacing mulch that has run off in a heavy rainstorm. Overall, it means less effort spent on fixing your landscaping any time weather happens — and we all know that high winds and rain are common enough around the greater Orlando area — and more focus on basic landscaping care, which can less time spent on landscaping as a whole.

In terms of the more long-term benefits, our border edging options are made to last for years to come. In fact, we offer a 10-year limited warranty because we believe so strongly in our products. We use a combination of specially formulated concrete products, including the mixed-in stains to provide color, as well as a specialty extrusion process that creates durable landscape border edging or curbing time after time. Where typical pavers or landscape edging can slip around and wreak havoc on your landscaping design, our border edging is extruded in a continuous line. That means no slipping or moving, and it can still be customized to fit any space. In fact, our border edging is generally more flexible than pavers and other similar options.

Are you ready to enjoy beautiful, professional landscape edging that is made to last for years to come? Connect with the team at Border Magic of Lake and Orange Counties to request a quote today!

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