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Clermont is a wonderful area to own a home or a business — with a vibrant, diverse community, amazing local businesses, and a great arts scene, it’s a gem of Lake County, Florida. Whether you’re considering a move to this city, or you’re a long-time property owner here, you should consider all of the benefits of utilizing landscaping borders and edging on your property.

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At Border Magic® of Lake and Orange Counties, we specialize in creating custom landscaping edging and borders for our clients in Florida. On this page, we’ll share some of the benefits of utilizing our services in Clermont — keep reading to learn more!

Custom Concrete Borders...

They Can Be Matched To Your Landscaping

So often, it’s seemingly impossible to find the perfect landscaping features, because so few companies offer their services in a way that can be tailored to match the aesthetic of your home.

At Border Magic®, it’s quite the contrary — the landscaping borders and edging we create are all made from concrete, so we can create a number of shapes, mold designs, colors, and more. While that may sound overwhelming, it’s all in an effort to ensure that we can provide you with a landscaping border that seamlessly blends into the current aesthetic of your landscaping.

Truly the possibilities are endless — from garden borders that match the brick design of your home, to concrete curb borders for parking lots and commercial areas, we can create the perfect border to pair with your property.


At Border Magic® Of Lake And Orange Counties, We Can Provide...

  • Over 20 different edging color options

  • Over 20 different edging mold options

  • Over 15 different edging pattern options

  • Customization options


They’re Functional & Stylish

If you’re unfamiliar with the reasons why people put borders and edging on their property, let us explain. For one, they offer a clean and attractive border that can be used around landscaping features, gardens, walkways, and so much more. And while their appearance is something we truly love, the real magic comes with their incredible functionality.

For example, with a basic garden border, you’re able to create a separation between your lawn or paving and your plot of flowers and other plant life. This, again, doesn’t just look fantastic, but it also helps make garden maintenance easier. From limiting weeds to creating easy-to-mow borders between landscaping features, borders and edging quickly become priceless. What’s more, we even offer special border molds that feature a deck to make mowing and even easier task!

And that’s not all — when you connect with our team at Bolder Designs® of Orange and Lake Counties, we’ll be sure to work alongside you so we can create the perfect pairing of style and function for your commercial or residential landscape borders and edging.

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They’re Easy to Maintain & Durable

As with any feature you’re incorporating on the landscape of your property, it’s imperative that your landscape edging or borders are suited for the various elements of the outdoors — from the hot sun to Clermont’s humid climate. Fortunately, with Border Magic® of Lake and Orange Counties, our landscape borders are made with top-tier concrete, coloring, and molds, to leave you with a product that is sure to last years upon years, looking and performing optimally the entire time.

Additionally, because they’re made with premium concrete, they require little-to-no maintenance. Most commonly, you may need to wash off the borders if they get too dirty for your liking, however, in Florida the rain is likely to do that for you!


They Increase Your Property Value

Did you know that high-quality, functional landscaping can increase your property value anywhere from 5-10 or more percent? While it may seem like a small number, it can really make a huge difference when you’re trying to sell or refinance your property. And landscaping borders and edging can directly impact the appearance and attractiveness of your landscaping. From homes with well-manicured lawns that have bordered gardens, walkways, and the like to commercial buildings with consistent, cohesive borders and curbs; the borders we can add to your property will leave you with a landscape that you love looking at and that also improves its value.

Getting Started With Border Magic® in Clermont

No matter if you’ve been looking for the perfect landscaping borders for a while now, or you’ve just now started to consider them for your property in Clermont, Border Magic® of Lake and Orange Counties is here and equipped to help you! We can simply help you choose from our many options and combinations for the border style you’d like, or we can start at square one to bring you up to speed on how you can best utilize our products on your property.

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities for your landscaping borders and edging, check out our specific pages for our residential or commercial landscaping services.

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Our Custom Concrete Landscape Edging Services

Now that we’ve covered the areas we provide our unique services to, we want to provide you with some more general information about them and why you should add concrete landscape borders to your property.

Like we’ve mentioned throughout this page, we create custom concrete borders for residential and commercial clients. If you’ve not used concrete before, you may think that it’s a drab, lifeless material. The truth is, while concrete is often used in its most basic form for infrastructure, it’s actually an incredibly versatile, functional, and durable product that opens countless possibilities for functional landscape customization.

At Border Magic® of Lake and Orange Counties We...


At Border Magic® of Lake and Orange Counties, we’re proud to offer incredible, high-quality landscaping borders and edging to our clients in Clermont, as well as our other service areas.

Our company constantly strives to offer the best customer service, a fantastic project experience, and impeccable results. Again, we’re committed to ensuring that we use our services and skills to make your property look and function optimally.

As a Border Magic® franchise, we’re excited to bring you incredible products that are backed with the powerhouse reputation of this brand. If you’d like to see more examples of our work and options we provide, be sure to browse our full gallery!


And for those of you ready to get started working on your own property, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a project quote by clicking the button or filling out the form below.

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