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Pros and Cons of Choosing Brick for a Lawn Border

There are a ton of resources out there for folks who want to handle home projects on their own — and some of the easiest projects revolve around installing or sprucing up your landscaping. But there is a lot that goes into landscape design that the average homeowner may not know to consider. So let’s talk about that! Creating a landscape design is more intensive than just deciding where you want to put your bushes and flowers. You have to think about how to handle any sloping in your yard, as well as things like protecting against erosion without blocking water runoff that would flood your garden. That means choosing the right materials and arranging your designs accordingly.

If you don’t plan to have a professional help you, even if it’s just to create a design, it’s important to know the ins and outs of different options and the functions they serve, especially for the all-important lawn border.

Why Lawn Borders?

A lawn border is not just your sidewalk or driveway; it’s any demarcation between sections of your yard that separates patches of grass from beds of flowers, bushes, mulch, rocks, and so on. The lawn border creates that line of separation, but it also serves an important purpose in protecting flower beds from being overwhelmed by grass growth, holding mulch or rocks apart so they don’t destroy your lawn mower, and so on. A lawn border can literally shape the overall structure of your landscaping, and it can provide major benefits to keep your space looking great.

One of the most popular lawn border options is brick, especially for those who choose to DIY. Brick is easy, affordable, and can be found at pretty much any home improvement store. But is it really the best option? You decide…

Brick Lawn Borders Are Classic

One of the biggest benefits of using brick for a lawn border is that it’s a timeless option. Unlike some of the other border edging options out there, brick isn’t a fad that will fade away over time and leave your yard looking dated. With brick, you can trust that your landscaping will keep looking great as long as you maintain it.

It’s a Standard Size

You probably have a pretty clear mental image of what a brick looks like; we all do. And that’s because brick is impressively standardized when it comes to size and shape. The upside is that the standard dimensions will make it easier to calculate how much brick you’d need to create a lawn border. The downside is that you’re somewhat limited on the form your border edging can take. You can trim down bricks to fit a smaller space, but that should be a plan you rely on for only a couple of bricks. Consider how much work that will be if you’re looking at trimming down all or even half of the bricks needed to line your space.

Brick Comes in Standard Colors

Brick tends to come in a few set colors, mostly because of the materials that are used to make bricks structurally sound and durable. The big benefit is that you can replace a few bricks pretty easily without having to tear out the entire lawn border and start again. On the flip side, however, choosing brick cuts down on the amount of options you have for color and texture — which can make matching a specific home style more complicated.

It Creates a Variety of Patterns

With many paver options, you are limited to a single set pattern because of how the pavers are shaped. Brick, on the other hand, is nice and regularly shaped, but it can be used to create a range of different lawn border patterns. You can lay brick and simply rely on earth to hold them in place, but more often than not, mortar joins the bricks together and creates a seamless lawn border without limiting you to straight lines and right angles. This also gives more flexibility if you need the brick to extend a bit deeper and create a sturdy retaining wall.

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