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Ideas To Set Your Home Apart From Others

When you live in a community where you have an HOA it can sometimes be hard to really set your house apart from the others in your neighborhood. While HOA’s can sometimes be really strict, there is typically a wide variety of things that you can do to separate your home from everyone else. Of course, you should always be completely sure that when you create a new addition to your home that it won’t be breaking any rules regarding your HOA, but typically the ideas that we have shouldn’t cause too many issues for you.

Paint Your House A New Color

While HOA rules will typically dictate what colors you can and can’t paint your home, there should be quite a lot of wiggle room for you to set your house apart. Even doing something as simple as changing what color the trim is will make your house look fresh and different from the surrounding homes in the area. Painting the outside of your home a different shade of the current color that you have can even make it feel like it is a completely new house that you are coming home to every day.

Even if you choose to not paint the exterior of your home, you can paint the interior a different color to really add a new and vibrant feature to the way that your home looks. Interior painting can be a really enjoyable experience because it is the space that you end up seeing the most when it comes to where you live. Even painting a single wall a different color will have your neighbors astonished when they come over for parties.

Add A Flowerbed

While having your beautiful grass on display can be a really great thing when it comes to curb appeal, there is also a lot of other things that you can do to add to the value of your home. Adding a flowerbed is one of those things that will make your yard go from good to great in no time at all. A garden is also incredibly easy to maintain once the flowers are all planted and it is laid out in a manner that appeals to you.

Gardens are one of those things that are easily customizable because of the various flowers and decorations that can be added to it. Flowers come in all shapes and sizes and many of them work perfectly for the climate that we have in lake and orange counties. Not only will it be a great little addition to your home, but planting flowers is incredibly relaxing and rewarding.

Add Edging To Your Home

Edging is an incredibly easy way to add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Edging provides the perfect barrier between your lawn and everything else surrounding it. Edging can be an easy way to show where your property begins and ends and will always look more open and welcoming than a fence does. It not only can show where your property ends and begins, but it can be the perfect marker between your garden and your lawn. When you add edging around your garden, it allows the mulch or dirt that you used for your flowerbed to stay in the bed itself. If you don’t have it then you run the risk of constantly having pieces of mulch being in your yard which will make your lawn look less pretty than it potentially could.

Edging is also a great way to stop tree roots from going too far outward into your yard. Tree roots like to spread out as far as they can to get the most amount of water possible. This means that they can expand out and encroach upon your lawn. One of our favorite things projects to work on is providing edging around a tree in your yard. It will stop the roots from expanding outward and will have great curb appeal as well. Contact us, Border Magic of Lake and Orange counties today so that we could work on providing border edging for your home!

Add Some Greenery

While the outside may be a much larger focus for you and your family, adding a little bit of greenery to your windowsill may create a unique look that you will absolutely love. Adding some succulents or some smaller houseplants and putting them in the front window will allow anybody walking by to notice them. They will also add beauty and a bit of a natural feeling to the inside of your house as well. House plants and succulents have been shown to actually help boost your mood and reduce your stress level meaning it is a positive thing for not only your house but your mental well being as well.

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While we can’t help you out with your garden or painting your house, we can certainly help with edging the borders of your entire yard. Contact us today for all your border edging needs!